Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 32


It's Fryday, and I'm feeling tired as hell. This week was tough. So, I'll be brief today.

Nothing new... Felt tired on the Workout exercise, but that could be to the fact that I'm was tired when I began the damn thing...
The Single Stroke Roll got a little sloppy in the beginning on the left hand. but then I managed to fix that. I also moved 2 bpm up in this, so I guess it's alright.
I've started a Diddle exercise too, to prepare for a couple of exercises my private instructor gave me before the surgery (that I didn't started yet...). It was easy enough to start.
The rest was the same as yesterday, just a little faster.

Tomorrow I'll be on the road again... I'll try to do the exercises in the morning... IF I wake up early. And that's rare for a Saturday. Anyway, my pad is going with me again.

That's it. Bye.

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