Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 44


So, today I restarted my private classes with a instructor... And it was awesome.

We focused on the Single Stroke Four applied to fills, and he gave a ton of good ideas to practice it on the kit. At the end, we also got to mix the Single Stroke Four with the Single Stroke Roll and with the Single Stroke Five, everything in fills... Really cool stuff.

My leg didn't hurt at all today... I'm at almost 100% already. Gotta play some more drums now! :D

Also, next week my other band is coming back too, with weekly rehearsals, so I'll be busy with drumming 3 days of the week: Two two hours rehearsals, and one one hour private lessons with a instructor. The rest is on my on :)
The sky is the limit!


Days 42 and 43


Another two day combo. But it's for a good reason: got officially back to rehearsing with my band! My doctor said the word, and as soon as I got free from surgery-recovery-mode I got back to the drums.

So, day 42 was:
Got really tired, my knee ached a little during the rehearsal (I made some pauses, obviously), but everything went OK. Now I just need some time to shake the dust off :)

Day 43 was:
Decided to get a day off the pad, and kept my training today only on my e-kit... Got some grooves going, and some fills, everything on 8th note triplets (it's a Drumeo course).

Glad to be back to the drums, man... :D


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 41


Today I've started some grooving on the e-kit... Still a short time, because my leg can't take too much yet.

I'm getting the hang of the correct grip on the sticks too... Been seeing some more DVDs on techniques and how to hold the stick and whatnot.

Tomorrow I'll be rehearsing with my band again... I'm still slow and everything hurts... But I'm suro I'll be having fun, so screw it. I just have to remind me to not push it too much and I'll be safe.

Bye now.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 40


So, Yesterday I drank. A lot =)

Today I've managed to practice one hour, and that's was all.
I've started to watch a Moeller Method DVD on Drumeo too. Good stuff. Taught me that I hold the sticks wrong... 10 years playing drums and I hold the sticks wrong... No wonder I suck at it.

Anyway... Today's stuff:
Again with the Doubles... Holding the stick properly also helped a little... But I'll have to practice a lot more to get it properly..

Oh well, bye.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Days 38 and 39


One week day, and one good day.

Just some doubles.. Got too tired and decided to take a day off... This week was tough.

Got home earlier today, and spent the Friday night at home with the missus... So I got to spent some more time on the practice pad and the e-kit too.
Did a lot of Doubles exercises, and started to use the 4 Diddles as a groove pattern, but without accents. Tomorrow I'll add the accents and see what I got.

That's that. Bye.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 37


Doubles day.

Started alright. Tomorrow I'll speed it all up and see what comes out of it.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 36

Hello there,

Different day today... I went and disobey my doctor again. This time I did a 2 hours rehearsal session with one of my bands.

My leg gave me hell... And I was rusty and sloppy and screwed up all over the place. But I had fun.
I was kinda needing it... Needing to remind myself why I'm doing this: To have fun, to be a good drummer for myself.

I'll be going back to my local drum classes with my instructor next Tuesday too. Looking forward to it.