Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 29


Today was a busy day... So I ended up getting behind on my blog posting schedule...

First, reviewing the goals:

I underestimated the Single Stroke Roll exercises... So that was a long shot from the start.
The "3's, 5's and 7's" almost got there... I could do the whole thing at 150bpm, but it sounded sloppy, so I concluded that it was a goal not reached.
The rest was pretty easy, even with a weird week like this one...

The next goals:

This week, I decided to focus on one rudiment only, and get it fast and clean: The Single Stroke Roll. But I couldn't forget the 20' Workout... So there's 2 goals for this week.

Today's practice was:

I did pretty much what was necessary to finish the weekly goals.
The Single Stroke Roll got solid, and my left hand is getting a lot better... Sometimes, it seems better than my right hand... Weird.

This next week goals will be a heavy treatment for my singles, so I expect a lot of improvement for next week.


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